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How to measure your replacement kitchen doors

  1. Create a rough plan of your kitchen
  2. Count the number of doors and drawer fronts that you are planning to replace, to make sure that you have included all of the doors
  3. Measure each door in turn, not the cabinets.
    There is always a small gap between adjoining doors and drawer fronts
  4. Always measure the back of the door
  5. Measure the height first, then the width of the door in millimetres
  6. Measure each door and drawer front in turn, to account for any small differences and record the information on your rough plan
  7. Record where the hinges are located on each door
    left, right or top
  8. Measure the position of each hinge hole from the edge to the centre of the hole
    If the door is side hung (left or right) then measure, in millimetres from the top and bottom to the nearest hinge hole centre 
  9. Double check your measurements and check off each door and drawer front to make sure that none have been missed out