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Kitchen Trends Heading Into 2024

Kitchen Trends Heading Into 2024
As we head into a new year, we thought we’d take a look at kitchen trends to look out for and consider for your kitchen in 2024. There’s no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to your style, but hopefully, reading about what’s ‘in’ these days will inspire and help you generate ideas for how to make the most out of your kitchen and kitchen doors!
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Eco-Friendly Focus
Recently, there has been a real shift towards sustainable, eco-friendly kitchens. Biophilic design is using natural materials to connect people with nature, and it’s on the rise. For a timeless look, using natural materials in the kitchen also comes with other benefits, such as improved air quality (due to reduced toxins in the materials) and a feeling of connection to nature.
Going for an eco friendly focus in your kitchen can combine functionality with sustainability, with popular elements these days being wooden cabinetry, reclaimed stone worktops, and organic clay tiles. Are these options something you would consider for your worktops or kitchen doors?
Wood Grain Cabinets
One of the standout trends at the moment is the increasing popularity of wooden cabinets. This style can help add character and depth to cabinets while creating a natural feel in your home. This can bring a subtle yet powerful look, organic charm, and elegance. It is also very timeless, and the demand for subtlety makes for a change from recent years, where people previously tended to opt for a modern, 'showy' look with their kitchen and kitchen doors.
Rise of Retro
Retro is back with a bang! Tapping into the nostalgic charms of the good old days, retro kitchens bring back elements popular in previous eras and combine them with modern comfort and functionality. More and more homeowners are using retro kitchens in their homes to inject character and celebrate nostalgia by using bold colours and funky patterns on kitchen doors, along with retro appliances.
Open Plan Still Favoured
Combining kitchen and dining spaces has been in favour for a while now, and this layout is still going strong. This is due to an increased demand for multifunctional communal areas that can be used for relaxation as well as cooking. It also helps to promote a social, chatty space for friends and families to enjoy and spend quality time together.
Key features of this trend are multifunctional islands and more communal seating in kitchens. This has a casual feel, and islands provide a versatile space for food preparation, dining, and socialising. They’re great at bringing people together and providing a focal point for kitchens.
Increased Individuality
Whereas traditionally consistent, uniform cabinet colours have been used, there is a movement emerging to embrace a diversity of colours and textures within kitchen doors and worktops. This includes bold combinations of wood, matte, and glossy finishes working together to add depth and striking visual interest.
Colour blocking is a popular way of doing this on kitchen doors, with vibrant bursts of colour in the design rather than going for a uniform look. This demand for a bold, unconventional look suggests that there is an increasing trend of homeowners looking to express personality by livening up their worktops and kitchen doors.
Popular Colours
More and more people are looking for a sophisticated yet colourful look on their kitchen doors. Shades of green, such as olive green, are hugely popular choices at the moment, reflecting the trend of people wanting to incorporate natural looks and colours into their homes. Shades of amber and muted yellows are in favour, too, creating a warm and inviting feeling compared to darker preferences in previous years. Also, soft blues are ‘in’ too, being used for an elegant, understated luxury look.
Whether you’re looking to follow these trends or take your own path with your kitchen doors, here at Beautiful Doors, we can help with whatever style and colour you’re after! With over 30 years of experience designing, refurbishing, and fitting kitchens, we can transform your kitchen to bring your dream look to life.
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