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The Shaker Door

Trends come and go widely showcased on Instagram and socials but does the Shaker always have our hearts?

When it comes to trends all you have to do is view any variety of #actualinstagramhomes to see what's hot and what's not.

But for years the Shaker has withstood every storm of ever changing Style trends, constantly reinventing itself and the seemingly best teammate for any statement piece.

Whether its classic or contemporary a mix of both, the rustic farmhouse style or a sleek celeb style Kitchen, the Shaker Transforms like a chameleon into Whatever you want it to be. Gloss and Matt,  Lights and Striking Darks, Navy's and Neutrals, it seems to be the hero of any Kitchen style era, it even manages to make appearances in the minimalist style which once was reserved for only flat Doors and Handleless options which has led to us coming back time and time again for this Timeless Classic..

So our advice is you cant go wrong in shopping this style,  browse our incredible range of Shaker doors to see which is the perfect match for you.


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