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Galley SHAPE Design - Original Shaker - Matt Indigo Blue

The Door :

The Original Shaker - Matt Indigo Blue

(Bella Range)

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  • The Original Shaker has 27 Siblings in this range, collectively with 36 Colour options.

    The world is your Oyster, and the styles within this range are unbeatable value, keeping a high standard quality.

    You simply mix and match any colour with any style and set your imagination freeA fully made-to-measure range in 36 colours and 28 styles it has something for every taste. 

    • Available in 36 colour options and 28 door styles.
    • Complemented with a wide range of matching accessories.
    • 18mm MDF with vinyl wrapped surface finishes in matt and gloss PVC and PET.
    • Bella doors are FSC® or PEFC™ certified and a selection have attained the FIRA gold award.
    • The FIRA Gold Award is the ultimate mark of product excellence within the furniture industry and provides a solid reassurance that a product meets all necessary standards.
    • The Bella range carries a 6 year warranty.


    Totally revamp your kitchen!

    Why not give it a complete facelift by replacing all your doors, panels, plinths, cornice, Pelmets & Handles?  You could replace all this in a 'U shape' layout for around £1,032 (we include VAT in all our pricing)-  and feel like you have a brand new kitchen which could have cost 1000's.


    Kitchen Doors

    *Please note - depending on your individual 'Galley shape' kitchen design (and the number of doors etc required) your revamp may be cheaper or more expensive than the design in the image shown.


    So what's included in this design price?:

    Galley Shaped Kitchen Layout - in Original Shaker Bella Door - Matt Indigo Blue

      1. 715 x 446 Base Door
      2. 715 x 446 Base Door
      3. 715 x 446 Wall Door
      4. 715 x 446 Wall Door
      5. Wall end Panel (colour Matched)
      6. 715 x 596 Base Sink Door
      7. 715 x 596 Dishwasher Door
      8. 715 x 450 Base Door
      9. 715 x 450 Base Door
      10. Wall end Panel (colour Matched)
      11. 715 x 450 Wall Door
      12. 715 x 450 Wall Door
      13. 715 x 596 Base Door
      14. Drawer Fronts 140 x 596
      15. Drawer Front 283 x 596
      16. Drawer Front 283 x 596
      17. Built under oven panel 115 x 596
      18. Drawer Front 140 x 596
      19. Drawer front 283 x 596
      20. Drawer front 283 x 596
      21. 715 x 596 Base Door
      22. 715 x 596 Wall Door
      23. 715 x 496 Wall Door
      24. Wall End Panel Matching (colour Matched)
      25. Wall End Panel Matching (colour Matched)
      26. 715 x 496 Wall Door
      27. 715 x 596 Wall Door
      28. Colour Matched Plinth x2
      29. Colour Matched Multipurpose Rail x 3
      30. 900 x 650mm End Panel
      31.  900 x 650mm End Panel
      32.  900 x 350mm Wall Panel
      33.  900 x 350mm Wall Panel
      34.  22 Windsor Knobs (Chrome)

        All including VAT 



    Add the corresponding units for only:

     £873.30 - INC VAT!


    Total Price only £1,905.52 -  INC VAT!

    (Excludes hinges and internal drawers)


    Do I need to replace my Units or just Doors?

    Replacing your kitchen doors are usually the hero of any kitchen facelift, and can provide a quick and affordable refresh.

    Its worth checking the inside of your kitchen units/cupboards,  as good quality kitchen units that are in place are likely to have plenty of life left in them! 

    Its usually the doors that suffer the most wear and tear because they are being constantly opened and closed, subjected to sunlight discolouration, cleaning and general use.  They are also in the spotlight of any design and can cleverly be replaced to unveil a brand new looking kitchen with all the trims.  So it can be just a matter of unscrewing the old and putting on the new.

    Check your units for structural damage and pay special attention to any cabinets/units under the sink, as well as end units which could be open to more traffic and knocks.

    If you find you want to replace the units as well or you are changing the layout and need units to suit -  check out our clicbox range of tool- less assembly, (yet heavy duty) carcasses save time, energy and can be pleasantly surprising in budget affordability.